Wish to stop a moment in time... Wish to hold on to your most special memories, literally, physically, forever. Your wish is my command.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Ciao! My name is Elisabetta Monari and I'm an artist reborner. My passion for dolls and art started in childhood, and the love for children soon after. I combined them in reborning, the art of creating still shots of infancy, tridimensional portraits achieved with many layers of translucent paint on a "doll canvas" sculpted by another artist. I'm also trying my hand at doll restoration, reborn restoration and sewing BJD outfits, for a change... this is my creative time, stay tuned for more!!! :D


Creating Portrait reborns is absolutely my favorite way to reborn.

I've been so blessed and lucky to have the opportunity to cooperate with several families in creating a living doll of their child as a baby, and to create one of my son as well.

You will see pictures of real babies and their reborn "twin". All the pictures are used with permission of the families.

If you have inquiries about creating a portrait reborn, please email me.